My Computer Temperatures

Hey guys, I have a paranoia with heat; as heat destroys and thats never a good thing so I just have a question about what kind of heat my CPU/GPU/CPU Socket?/ Should not ever get to unless theres a problem.

Right now I've never noticed my I7 870 never going above 67c on one of the cores and that was aftering extensively playing Bf3 Multiplayer all day.

My GPU ->ATI HD 6950<- Has never gone above 71c full load, probably thanks to its dual fans, ( It's a Saphire )

Comparing that to my Default GPU that came with the computer, ( A 5750 Which fully loaded being pushed to hell got to 85c )

Now my CPU Socket I think has gotten to from what I've seen 50c at times of full load and I had recently watched a Inbox.exe and Logan was like " If your CPU Socket gets to the 50s what are you doin? " which has gotten me worried and such.

So really I'm just asking if I'm good with the heat and such?

Heres a picture of the temps at idle plus the Max values being when I was surfing youtube, and just stopping playing farcry 3.



that is really wonky. your mainboard temp is more likely your northbridge. get a spot cooler and aim it at the NB 

at idle ~20c is cold ~30c is good and ~40c is hot

under load ~50c is cold ~60c is good and ~70c is hot

If you are hitting ~80c you should be worried


Anyway your temps seem fine apart from your mobo thats running very hot at idle what mobo is it?

I see you have one of the older i7s i know that the chipsets that came out for them would run hot so im assuming you have one of them. You may want to consider getting one of the newer chipsets or installing an extra case fan

I have my i7 930 at 4ghz and i think i hit liuke 70 C at full load, i wouldn't be freaked out unless you were hitting 80s on your cpu, as for a gpu i'm not quite sure what's acceptible, my haf 930 has a 200mm intake mounted right above my card so i've never been worried about it but i would say 80 is a safe maximum, 90 is the actual "safe maximum" and at 100C there's solder and silcon damage so, if you're at 70 under full load that sounds fine to me. If you're really worried invest in liquid cooling or an aftermarket cooler for your gpu.

Keep your CPU under 80 and your GPU under 90 degrees celcius, and your PC is definately not going to catch a fire.

Wow, thanks for the replies guys.


@Commissar I should of mentioned that I'm pretty sure that HW Reads the motherboard temperature wrong since when I open Razer Gamebooster it displays a much lower temperature that actually changes.

Like right now it says the Mainboard is 6c and goes to 10c just browsing the internet.

But If you want to know my motherboard is whatever this is in the link

I guess that sensor is broken the razor also has it wrong. Your ambiant room temperature is like 25c? so there is no way your mobo is running cooler than that at 10c. so maby its runing at a good temp i dunno.

Sorry, I don't know either then