My Computer Keeps Turning Off :/

I don't know how or why but for some reason my computer keeps turning off after about two minutes I have the computer on. Help?

overheating would be the first place to start looking

Yes look at temps with something like HWmonitor. Also do you get a blue screen or does it just shut down?

It just shuts down. It did it like three times. It's not a heating problem because my temps stayed the same before and after the problem. I don't think it will happend again because I had the computer o for about half an hour :/

But i'll keep an eye on it. Thanks.

Go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer > Windows Logs > System

then look through around the times of the crash and note any errors WHEA-Logger, driver failure things of that nature. If it has anything besides a cirle with an "i" in it it could be the cause. Keep an eye out for Yellow triangles with exclamation marks and red circles with X's.  

If it's not anything to do with the software, try seeing if there is an electrical problem.  You could be shorting the circuit somewhere. Try to see if its your power that is the problem, maybe its time to get a new surge protector.

I think your power supply unit is not able to your PC or may be your OS got corrupted due to some virus maybe ?

give us a run down of your system specs

Haswell cpu with a none haswell compliant power supply?

Cant realy say since you havent given any information on your set up...

Your psu is probably dying. I had a similar problem twoish years ago on an old system, it would boot to windows, I could open up something, and by the time I could actually get around to doing anything, it would die. Pick up a cheap psu tester and try it out. If you have determined it is not a psu problem, boot a linux distro from a flashdrive and see if the problem still persists. 

I tried like everything when my PC was randomly cutting out, my problem was actually a loose SATA connector on my HDD, so give that a look.

Its probably because your PSU is not able to give sufficient output to the MOBO so try using a friend's PSU and test it if it works fine buy a new PSU, if it doesn't work just comment back saying it didn't work, I will do some more research.