My computer is like Kryptonite. Everything else is Superman

This might be out of place but I didn't see anything related to troubleshooting. 


Thursday night: I was browsing the internet and such, ya know, the usual and all of a sudden my screen goes whack. So I hold my power button and turn my computer off. Turn it back on, now I can't see anything at all. Grab a different HDMI cable, everything's working fine. So I go back to browsing the World Wide Web. 

Friday: it's around 11:30, I'm playin Titanfall aaannnnndddd, Blue Screen. At this point I'm about to cry (not really but still :P ). I'm fifteen and just saved up enough money to buy some computer parts so I can build my own PC. I've only had it for two weeks. My computer can't be dead. Thank sweet black baby Jesus my computer came back on fine (after it automatically shut down about 15 seconds after the blue screen) at least I think. In my mind I'm like "woah. Dodge a bullet there, aye? Better get on the internet and do some research to figure out what happened" so I pull up chrome. Bam. "No internet." Whatevs. This happens to everybody. So naturally I check the modem and the internet is still up. Hm, is the router messed up? No, it's still show that everything is connected, except my PC. So I unplug the Ethernet cable. Still a big ole' nope. Go down check the back of my PC and unplug the Ethernet then plug it back in. That's when I notice the Ethernet activity light isn't flashing. Thinking back to the Thursday I go grab a new Ethernet cable, and sure as hell it works. 

Why is my PC killing my cables?


PC Specs:

AMD A10 6800k

ASRock FM2A75M Pro4+

GSkill Sniper Series 2x4GB DDR3 1866

Hitachi HUA721010KLA330 1TB HDD

Corsair 500W PSU



Last night while I was at my friends house it crashed again at the SAME time. 11:35. This time I got pictures

Killed my other 25ft Ethernet cable.

Well, my first idea would be your LAN port being defective, but only at that time (Hell if I know why).

If I were you, I would grab a Wireless Adapter for the time being until you can get this sorted out.