My Computer Is Idling HOT... What Should I Do?

The computer I built a year ago was running fine. It rarely got hot and if it did it was cause by some long sessions of Fallout. For my birthday I got an MSI R7850 series graphics card and ever since I installed it the CPU has been running really hot. I don't have an exact temperature but the case is hot to the touch on top and on the back where the CPU is. The GPU is running nice and cool. I was wondering what you would recommend to help. Should I go liquid or heat sink cooling. HALP

Install core temp and give us some temps. As I understand it you are using the stock cooler? If you have the money to spare, a after market cooler would be a great option. But unless you are over clocking, using the original one shouldn't be an issue. 

Are you sure the cooler is working? Have you checked the thermal paste? 

I'd check to make sure the thermal paste hasn't cripsified and not to play and games or anything CPU intensive... of course. Temperatures would help out as well to determine. If you're using the stock cooler, I'd advise getting a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO. Unless you want water-cooling.

Get some high proof rubbing alcohol and clean off the thermal paste  from your cpu and heatsink, and apply new thermal paste, using the method described in Logan's tutorial video. A bad application of thermal paste can easily cause your temps to go through the roof. Also, consider installing some extra fans in your case, and re doing your wiring for better airflow. Lastly, +1 for an aftermarket heatsink.

For my birthday I got an MSI R7850 series graphics card and ever since I installed it the CPU has been running really hot

sounds like you dont have good airflow in your case time for some new case fans or a better case.


Install some case fans. Having no airflow in the case can make everything run hotter by 10 degrees or more. Even cheapest ones will do if you don't mind the noise.

I think I was just overreacting I was talking to a friend and he said it was no big deal... It wasn't that hot but it's never been that hot before. I'm still gonna look into new cpu cooling though.

Thanks anyway.

Get core temp and tell us your exact temps at idle and load, than we can help you.

Tell us temperatures. 

That GPU isn't a blower type, so I'm not convinced that airflow is the issue, or the GPU would be hot, as well.

If your idle temps are hot, its a heatsink issue. Most likely from bad thermal paste.