My computer doesnt boot

So i just got my new pc and ive had some bad luck with it. So when i got it the power suply was dead and now it it doesnt boot. So now it says "windows did not start properly. This might be because of hard- or software change in the system"

So i dont know if there is a problem with compatability with some of my parts and my hard drive. Also im able to boot in normaly with useing the same hdd on this computer so i dont know what the problem is.

And these are the starting options. 

Safe Mode

Safe Mode with Networking

Safe Mode with Command Prompt 

Start windows normaly 

use last known good configuration 

pc specs: 

Asrock extreme 3 mobo 

athlon II X4 

2 gb kingston ram (i will get soon more of it so dont cry about it) 

XFX hd 7850 2gb 

hd 5750 (useing because lack of ram) 

i have tryed the last 2 options but when the computer tryes to boot i just goes to the same screen. So i really would need help with this because im a bit of a noob on these things.

So you say you can use the HDD in another computer and that it boots fine? Has this harddrive been transfered straight over, or did you do a fresh install of windows once you installed into the new machine?


hd 5750 (useing because lack of ram) 



Did you just plug in your old harddrive in to your new computer and boot it up?

didnt see you said it boots on another computer, try to clear cmos on the mobo? 

Firstly i use the hd 5750 because my system has only 2gb of system memory and the hd 7850 needs 4gb of system memory to work, atleast thats what they say in AMD website. 

So i just took the HHD from my old computer and put it in the new system but i did not do a fresh install of windows

You cant just take a hdd from your old computer and stick it in your new computer and expect it to boot.

You have changed all the hardwhere you need to wipe the drive and install windows from fresh 

Cooperman is right, there are a select few cases in which you can just throw the hdd in a new pc but with a new hardware setup your drivers will most likely be very different so theres your problem. Save what you need off of that hdd and wipe it clean then do a fresh windows install and you will be riding the gravy train.  

Ok well thaks alot for all the help what you have given to me and im gona now get my computer working