My computer and network have been taken over help!

I have been having bad internet for the pasat few days and i called my serviec provider and then did some checking around and found that my network and systems have been hacked! I looked for some online tutorials to confirm this and I did my stuff is hacked, now how to i reomve the hackers and protect my system?? someone please help me.

first off disconnect your hous from the internet and then get firewall on all your machines and make sure your password on the router is strong enough.
those are the first things i would do
and do all that without internet (download something like avg-free first) i use zonealarm on all my pcs nothing gets in  

I have Avast on all my machines. is there a way to remove the hackers from my systems?

You aren't listening to what he's saying. Disconnect your computer and any other electronic device from the internet then go into the router that you use and change the pass phrase and use WPA2-PSK with an actual pass phrase not some small 8 character password. Whoever is in your system has gained access through your router because more than likely the pass phrase was weak and a cracker program broke your pass phrase.

Hackers aren't in your systems. They are just using your Wifi. Switch to WPA2-PSK and use a strong passphrase. A long sentance would be a good one, much harder to crack than random letters and numbers.

Hide your SSID as well. It will appear that you dont have a wifi network anymore, but you will.

Install DDWRT and enable MAC filtering. Set it to allow only the ones you select, and enable all of the devices on YOUR network. If anyone else tries to connect that isnt on your list, it wont allow them to.

A google search will give you simple steps on how to do ALL of these things.

If you don't have a password for your network, start using one. If you think there are hackers that are actually CONTROLLING your computer, get a good, paid anti-virus programs and scan your computer. If you don't want to pay for them, just use a serial code from somewhere else (Used Google). Depending on the router you have, type this into your browser "" and click enter. This is the control panel for your network. The default password is "admin", and you should change that, as well as enabling a password for the network itself.

Okay. thank's guys i will get right on it.


Okay did all that and put Comodo firewall on my systems and they seam to be secure but i have a question. I went to cmd and typed netstat - ano and this is what showes up can someone please help me understand this. the 127.0.0 connections show up under forign in cmd. Is a loopback address. That connects back to whatever machine you run the command on, those are what your current machine is connecting to. 

so nothing out of the ordinary then?

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UUMM I don't look at donkey porn. There are systems acessing my internet and using it that's why i posted those IP's. I am a married man. I want those systems to stop using my internet for illegal stuff like donkey porn and hacking other systems, that is why i sought help here. I do not have my WIFI on anymore none of my computers use it and that cmd test was taken after i have done as such. So how are those systems acessing my LAN? i live 20miles from town so its not like soemone can just open a panel and tap into my wire.

i have the firewall on and mac filtering on and i have 2 firewalls on my system so i am puzzled by all this.

not possible. unless you're running a proxy, they don't go through your computer....

mor elikely the tutorial are hoaxes

No proxys.. I guess i will have to filter my brothers internet for donkey porn then. so nothing wrong then? except i know more about my brother then i ever wanted too. this all started with My wife loosing access to her email and called yahoo tech support and a guy from india was telling her that out system and net was hacked and so i checked it and he said anything that is not 192 is not american and hackers and then he tried to sell her anti hacker stuff. u did the cmd check and in a few online tutorials they said the conections that were established were hackers and i am all confused by it. i am not good with networks or how the internet works. Just gaming and programing are what i am good at.


the tutorials are hoaxes. is localhost. it is not assigned to any computer anywhere in the world, as the external ip. your local ip's, within your LAN are 192.168.1.x

and the guy from india has no fucking clue what he is talking about, and is almost certainly someone working for an advertising co. he cannot be yahoo support, they do NOT advertise or sell security software.

your external ip is

No offense, but based on your grammar, I highly doubt that you have a wife, especialy since you live with your brother.

Also, if you are ever actually taken over by malicious crackers (not hacker, hacking is good. We like hacking, support it, embrace it, and teach it), then simply unplug your fucking computer. It's as simple as that. There is no way you can access a computer that isn't powered. Unplug your router, modem, computer, everything; that will stop any attack on your network or system.

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I do not live with my brother, he lives with me. As for hacking, I am not opposed to hacking at all so long as I am not the victim of it. I posted IP's simply because i have nothing to hide like donkey porno or so i thought, i let my brother use this computer since he doesn't have one of his own yet. You can doubt my marital status all you want but the truth is the truth lol i admit grammer is never been one of my strong points. I am not offended at all just slightly amused.

Hacking isn't in any way, whatsoever, malicious. There are no victims of hacking.

You are thinking of cracking.