My computer always freezes

First off, my computer, an old, crappy Acer with Intel E2220, is now 4 years old. Month ago, I bought a Radeon 6670, just to make some upgrade. At first, there were no problems encountered until recently, where my computer would randomly freezes, wont boot, and now, can't even play a single game. I already clean the insides, but still the problem exist. Any thoughts on this? TIA

Well a lot of various things can cause freeze ups. it may not have anything to do with the card. try a processes of elimination by taking out the new card and replacing it with the old one. see if anything changes. if not then its more than likely not the card. another thing is, will it BOOT to bios? if it cannot get into the operating system but will boot into bios then maybe its a software issue. again use the process of elimination 

As always, update all your drivers (especially your display drivers).  If that doesn't help, pull the graphics card and see if the problem goes away.  Of course, check for any kind of virus or malware infection (a malwarebytes scan is a good place to start).  If none of that helps, it could be a ram issue.  Running memtest wouldn't be a bad idea, or at the very least you could pull all but one ram module and test for stability one at a time.  An overheating CPU could also cause what you describe, so if you're comfortable with it you could try cleaning and re-applying thermal paste to your cpu and making sure your heatsink/fan is nice and clean.

That's where I'd start.  But honestly, it could be one of a hundred different things.  Bad hard drive, failing PSU, loose cable connections, poorly seated ram etc etc.  But, when a problem starts up shortly after a hardware upgrade, that's usually your culprit.

Thanks for the input guys. I forgot to mentioned, I already tried to pull the card out and using the on-board display, and I can't say that the problem has fixed or not, since I replace it with my older card (silly me). And one thing, if I remembered it right, I think the problem starts when I update the display driver to support BF4, but I can't be sure with that.

You can try reverting to a previous display driver if the problem started after an update.

Yeah, that's what I plan after my work today. Thanks man

HAHAHA! I found the culprit! It was the updated display driver. Just downloaded a new one and BAM! Wow, never thought it would be the driver.