My build need some help


ill be buying this stuff tomorrow is there any wrong with thim ?

if there is going to be any good stuff coming out in 3-5 days i can wait

so what do you guys think ? 

suggestion and honest opinions 


Build is too VIP for me. 

I dont really think you know what you are doing, its just a waste of money IMO.

I know what im doing :)

asking for tips not making fun of me :)

I dont actually see any "asking for tips" part in OP, you asked only for opinion.

If you ask wrong questions, you get wrong anwsers. Thats just how it is.

i dont have to type "tips" i asked few things and i think its obvious to know what i meant 

any way i'm sorry :) can you tell me some tips :)

My tip. 'Toilet duck'. That toilet needs demolished at least!

Tips, ok.

Store spices in a cool, dark place, not above your stove. Humidity, light and heat will cause herbs and spices to lose their flavor. 

Most shells have ways to group a set of commands together in a list so that you can pass their sum-total output down a pipeline or otherwise redirect any or all of its streams to the same place. You can generally do this by running a list of commands in a subshell or by running a list of commands in the current shell.

Use a few drops of olive oil. It absorbs quickly and is great for the skin.

Tips you get if you dont specify. Its like going to cafe and saying "I want some food", its not gonna work.


very nice :) 

Want a tip? Don't use Seagate it'll break on you. Use Western Digital. Want another tip? Don't use smiley faces they're annoying af. 


lol i wont use them any more 

I drafted this >

I'ts got a better PSU. Corsair kind of suck. & 850W is a little too much. 

Replaced the HDD.  

Changed the CPU Cooler because Liquid CPU coolers are kind of terrible. 

I didn't include the peripherals because its down to your preference. 

very nice 

but can the cpu cooler handle overclocking especially with haswell?

I would think so. Liquid cooling is ok but air cooling is cheaper only difference really being noise and reliability. Liquid cooler breaks it will destroy everything most likely. The CPU cooler I picked is pretty good if you want something better it might be worth looking around but generally speaking the CPU Cooler isn't too much of a big deal. You could run with the stock one without any problems.