My build need advice

hi guys new to this forum just wondering what you guys think of my future build and just looking for ideas such as what i can swap out for differnet better parts....

my main question is should i drop the extra £60 for an i7 or should i stay with the one below :s i know i7 is better   ( no shit sherlock) but is there a HUGE different or even a visable different

The Build

COMPUTER -- £960.03


CASE -- £51.57

Fractal Design Core 3000 Case

MOTHERBOARD -- £102.92

ASRock Z77 Extreme 4 Intel Z77 Socket 1155 Motherboard

PROCESSOR (CPU) -- £172.68

Intel CPU Core i5 3570K Quad Core IvyBridge Processor OEM (No Heatsink-Fan Included)

Heatsink -- £43.99

Antec KUHLER H2O 620 CPU Liquid Cooler 2

POWER SUPPLY -- £52.32

Corsair CP-9020048-UK Builder Series CX 600W Power Supply (PSU)

GRAPHICS CARD -- £311.60

EVGA GeForce GTX 670 FTW Signature 2 NVIDIA Graphics Card - 2GB

MEMORY (RAM) -- £26.59

Corsair Memory XMS3 8GB DDR3 1600 MHz CAS 9 Dual Channel Desktop


WD 1TB Caviar Black Performance Hard Drive 7200rpm 64MB Cache

OS -- £72.84

Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit OEM Operating System

SSD -- £53.58

OCZ 120GB Solid 3 SSD - Solid State Drive SATA III

Optical Drive -- £14.14

Sony AD-5280S-0B SATA DVD

thanks for looking at this all help/advice is much appreciated.


For gaming and "normal" tasks you're not going to notice a difference between the i5 and i7 so you're most likely fine with the i5.

thanks for the help mate :>

The core i5 is good for gaming.. only a few games benefit from hyperthreading.

Im pretty sure you would be better off with a good tower cooler like the noctue nh-d14, those thin, single 120mm rads dosnt do better from what I know..

The grapics card is good, memory is good, harddrive is good - really like to see someone who doenst just go for the cheap green-line drives!

OCZ is not something I would go for right now, the companies future is really unstable at the moment. (unless that situation has changed the last few days..)

Looks good to me, but I would go with a 7970 instead of the gtx 670. You'll get more performance out of it, especially if you overclock it. 

If you're only going for gaming, and general multitasking, stick with the 3570k, it's not bad for video editing and rendering either, and you can find it cheap at microcenter. 170$ I believe. It's a fantastic chip.

thanks for the advice again winther you say to get a different ssd what would u suggest