My Build Gaming/3D Software Pc

This is my build any suggestions for better, cheaper parts would be greatly appreciated.

The Final Price will be around $535

*for the list ignore the Video card, Os, Optical Drive, and Thermal compound. I have those already, yet they had to be included to give you a better idea.


all i can really sugest is trying to find a cheaper case, This is a really solid list. The 650ti is really powerful from what ive heard as well. 

The antec 1100 is an awesome case, I have built 4 machines using it now (one for myself, one for my brother and two for friends) and no one has any complaints.

well the only compliant I ever heard about it is the rubber grommets that route the wires through the side panel some times fall of did that ever happen to you when you built them? 

OK so the "water cooler" is about as good as the cooler master evo. So, why pay more for it? I found a cooler master "water cooler" for $29.99, put an fx 8320 and changed the psu to 750w and got a new case. (I had to save some were. if you want the antec case then I would recommend buying a proper cooler h100 for the antec 11 and just use the stock cooler to start with. (same thing as before but with the antec case and no cpu cooler.)