My brand new pc is not booting

Hi guys i'v brought new Mid-Range Gaming PC 3 days back but now it is not booting.. there was no problem until now..  i was playing Crysis 3 on High Settings suddenly the whole system was Hanged i turned the PC off and tried to restart it but it is not booting.. all the Fans are working fine but it shows no signal error on Monitor.

My specs are :

CPU - AMD FX 8320

GC - GTX 760

RAM - Corsair Vengeance 1600 MHz 2*4 (8 GB)

HDD - WD Black 1TB

MOBO - ASUS M5A97 LE 2.0

PSU - Corsair VS 550W

Display - DELL S2240L

             I hv tried my Graphics Card on other PC it works fine, i hv also changed my RAM but no effect, i hv also reset the Jumpers and BIOS but still it wont boot plz guys help me What should do... 

I would first try to see if it is a faulty cableif not the first culprit is likely the gpu or maybe somethings loose in your build whether it be ram gpu or a power connector.

i hv tried removing all components and re assembling it.. Is it possible that my motherboard is crashed or processor because i hv checked all the other components they work absolutely fine  ..

i hv tried removing all components and re-assembling it.. Is it possible that my motherboard is crashed or processor because i hv checked all the other components they work absolutely fine  ..

If you tested all the other parts and they work fine, then your motherboard probably died.  I just looked at your motherboard and it would NOT BE A GOOD OPTION to put that motherboard with an 8-core AMD CPU.  The VRMs on that board do not have any cooling,  The board utilizes a 4+2 phase power design.  I would only use that motherboard with an FX-6300 AT MOST.  You'll need a whole new motherboard, not just a replacement of the one you have.  Something like this:

has a nice heatsink cooling over the VRMs, and a good 8+2 power phase design.

thnxxxx Tech Noob.. Is my rest of the specs are ok or i shoud make some other changes too.

The rest is a pretty solid  build.  Just change the mobo.

well that gigabyte board is also not realy a good option, i has 8+2 powerphases but not the best vrm´s and chokes. on stock speeds it will be fine, but if you temp to overclock i would not recommend it, same counts for the Gigabyte 990FXA ud3. Those boards can have overheating issues on northbridge chip vrm´s chokes.  this because the power delivery parts on those gigabyte boards are not from the best quality.(thats the reason why they are cheap and fully feutured) 

Offcourse some people also run into alot of luck with these gigabyte ud3  am3+ boards, but im totaly not a fan of them. There are alot of peole having this overheating and laggy bios with these boards..

  A´ good friend of my had the ud3 and had the same issues, he now switched to the Asus M5A99FX pro R2.0 he´s go a 4.8 stable without any issues on his FX8350.

I would recommend a Asus M5A99FX pro R2.0 6+2 powerphase digi high quality vrm´s.  this board is much better.

The LE vershon of the ASUS M5A97 is not a good mobo it dosent have any cooling on the mosfets have a look on the mobo and see if any have burned out.

Its definitely not one to run a 8 core cpu on as a gameing pc the video card will make a lot of heat in side the case overheating the mosfets.

thnxx cooperman.. mosfets are fine.

ok guys now i'm going to Replace my mobo.. Any suggestion which one should i get for around 100 - 120$.

asus m5a99fx pro rev 2.0 am3+ mobo

I thought this thread solved ._.

Yeah, that motherboard is great.