My box came in!

Psyche. The Xray is a discontinued cigarette lighter+cupholder from thermaltake, available for a limited time before it's gone forever!




Induring bad focus, low shutter w/o flash and shitty glare w/ flash

they have a shitload of those at my local radioshacks


Once i move into my new house and i can actually smoke inside im fucking buying one

beer = cupholder smoke = lighter

very sick

i might buy like 3 and put 2 on ebay and the last one i would use i want to fill up my empty drive bays with stuff ...

My thoughts exactly lol, Bananas. I had would've either had to put my screw-in drive bay cover back in, or just get this!

hmm thats a lighter, aint it?

Sure is, genius.

Smoking cigarettes near a computer is really bad for it. That's not a joke either.

lol, clown. TT FTW!

my god that is the best fuckin thing ive seen for a computer in ages