My BBS via telnet and SSH (and RLogin apparently, whatever that is)

Any other questions, message me.

There are 25 lines available. If theres EVER a user login problem via log in nodes, I will be surprised.

New Door Games: LORD, LORD2, PLANETS: TEOS, and TradeWars.

Trade wars is connected separately via port 2002. It is unregistered so there is only 1 player slot. If there was ever going to be donations, it would be a registered TradeWars Account (no preassure).

LV1 BBS Post

So I have been looking into BBS’ and making one for the community to play with. Whether it would be named Level1BBS or L1BBS is still in planning, but, I am mostly plotting out how I am going to use this. I have quite a few things that I would like this thing to do for me.

For one, I want a place I can stow away notes and such things while I am out and about. I know this seems a little ridiculous but to know how I work on research papers and such os a little ridiculous as well. In fact I’m just writing thi on a windows 2000 machine in abiword. But, as a place I can pop open a terminal and throw a note onto and pull down later, a BBS might work really well for that.

Another thing I want it to do is give a place for us to talk about old shit and have some community collabs on some really old shit, the BBS itself being a spearhead for that all to start in. There isn’t a real place to talk about vintage computers and old systems on this forum, nor (honestly) is this the place to talk about such things. While it would be great, still not the place. So if labeled LV1 or not, it is still an extension of the forum, I think, until it gets used as something else.

Lastly its a large experiment to see how much of this sort of stuff I can hook into each other. Maybe network some BBS together if I can, maybe integrate some of my own code into the system, but that is all to come. It will be in flux if you intend to be a user :3

So, I have also been looking at what system to use. I thought of just coding my own, but I thought about what I wanted to be accessible and at the ready as a server application and I found Synchronet to be a great match. Its free, easy to set up, running on telnet, and looks like it can have some things added in as you go. I’m not sure if the source is available, but I will still be looking into open source BBS if SNet doesn’t have the code available.

Lastly, I need to have hardware to run it on, obviously. You don’t need much to make all of this run as it is only a BBS. I’ve decided I do want to use Windows 2000 if I can as it is super light and uses minimal amounts of memory, which is my main concern. XP is an option as well as linux but XP has some ram issues of its own and linux won’t run too well on the hardware that I have available. All that I have read has said to just have 1 GB of ram, something for a hard drive, and something for a processor. It doesn’t have to be a billion cores and 6 TB ram as its just a BBS and is all text based. I doubt it’ll get big, so a pentium 4, spare 200 GB (IDE) HDD, and whatever I have for 2 GB ram should all do fine I think.

I’m not big into BBS and such, so I don’t know what can be shoehorned into them now. I would think that something like FTP could be fed into it as SNet has some file hosting utilities so I wonder if there could be some space for us all to trade code projects and such on it. If theres a door game you fondly remember please let me know about it and I will try to find it. I’m interested in games like netHack, text adventures, and some RPG things. I’ll probably pull from other BBS’ if I can.

Pics and stuff coming up.


Best of luck with it. There used to be a bunch of sites about BBS's when I was really into antique computers. I have lost so many bookmarks that I wish I still had

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x3 Well thank you but I don't think I'll need it. My goal is a pentium 3 at 1.2 ghz and that'll be about as happy as I'll get. Thank you for the offer, I just don't have room for it :333


I'm going to build the BBS today. Periscope? Maybe?

Also @Zoltan or someone can you add (Project) as a tag plz?



I will definitely be keeping an eye on this project...

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watches intently


Didn't get horseshit done today because I can't find any ethernet cables that aren't broken as fuck.

I played TIS-100 for the first time today though, does anyone know of some programming door games? That would be super interesting. Maybe make one in a community project?

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Just got the DNS stuff arranged. Hopefully this won't all be one big ugly mess. Tomorrow I find all the ram I need, install 2000 on the machines, update them both, get VNC installed, and get this all up and running. Should be quick and easy.

Is there a modern VNC supported on 2000?


TightVNC. I got this down. Gotta decide if I want to divide VNC to an internal network and wall that off. I shouldn't have to but it might be a good thing?

Tis-100 is fantastic.

What do you mean "door" games? Games to put on the BBS?

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Yeah a door game is kinda like the first online multiplayer games over a WAN (before someone whinges on spacewar on the PDP10 being networked and that was technically an online game). Basically you log in to the BBS, choose door games, get a list of genres and whatever, and login and play. No download its just dial in to the server and go. Kinda like streaming games now just not as fat.

I'm super into TIS now and look forward to my next play on it, but at the moment my hands are full. I want to find a door game that is a code game like TIS-100 is a code game and have it on the BBS. Doesn't even have to be good!

Would be fun to leave puzzles for others to solve. You get ranked based on how you did on those puzzles compared to other users.

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Legend of the Red Dragon

pimp wars

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@eidolonFIRE community project maybe?

+1 to that.

Welp if anyone wants to make a thread for creating that, go right ahead. I'm not going to :D I'm terrible at creating user anything!

I already have a long enough back-log of projects.
I'm actively working on 3 simultaneously, prolly over a dozen on standby, and already doing research for 3 new ones.

I'm doing the thing


Nice. Hopefully live streaming it will be useful to keep momentum and be productive.

Best of luck!


If you didn't live the BBS days, or want to relive their memory, these videos are obligatory.