My audio is sounding with an echo

I just built a new machine and my headset has a weird noise with audio. It is hard to say what it is but it sounds like someones talking in a big room with an echo. It is something to do with the computer. I know this because it does this with two different headsets. Thank you for helping.

Is there a virtualization setting in the sound setting I've experienced that virtualization can add sort of a echo or cardboard box sound 

You probably have some software on that shouldn't be on. Go into the sound settings in windows and click whatever your default playback device is. There should be a setting inside of there to disable all enhancements.

I had a similar problem a few times, and what happen was that the ground wire of my headphones had break.  It could be the ground cable in the headphone connector of your case. have you tried plugging the headphones in the back?

It sounded like the music was coming from inside a box.

I am having the same issue.  I just built a new pc, the specs are:

I have tried clicking different buttons in the dolby digital(DD) menu but it did nothing.  I tried disabling DD by turning is off and it did not help.  I used these headphones with my last case and they worked fine as it was the only way for my to have sound because my last case had the front audio jack messed up and I had to unplug my speakers because I played games after the wife went to bed.

Anyways, the sound sounds like I am in a room that echos and I can barely hear the voices when listening to a YouTube channel.  I can hear out of the speakers just fine but not the head phones.  Can anyone give me a step by step way of fixing this problem?

Thanks, Jake

Do your headphones sound the same out of both the front and back jacks?

I plugged them into the back jack and they work fine.  So, it's only the front jack that makes the echoing sound.  What would cause this?

there isn't a good connection between the 3 poles on the headphones and the case.

fractal r4 has slightly recessed jacks and some plugs are too big to be fully inserted.


Is there a way to fix this? Or am I just out of luck.

buy an extension(make sure the jack is small so it can fit in fully), or use the rear jacks