My Asus Zenith Extreme 2 Alpha after almost a year with the 3990x

Welp, Overall this motherboard has been great! But I noticed some flickering with my 2 fans on the top and 1 fan on the front and thought “hmm time to do a yearly cleanup maintenance anyway” and started to investigate while cleaning.


Needless to say, after thinking it’s just something small I think its something else much bigger. What do you guys /gals think? I slightly OC the processor to 3.60ghz and it’s not always under 100% loads I’d say 30% of the time it is. But I can’t see why the power conductors would fry… nothing has spilled or leaked from the top. There is no easy way for there to be anything to leak. I did wipe the area to check and it seems to be like an oil but I cant get enough to really check. Average temps between 45-65c under load it’s been up to 90c but not for long.

A quick spec sheet

Zenith extreme 2 alpha
256gb 3600 z trident
Asus Strix 5700 OC
M.2 gen4 2tb
Windows Pro for Workstation
1600w corsair PSU

I think I should trade in my MB for a new one. What do you all think?

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Nothing to worry about. It is just the silicon oil leaking out of the thermal pads on the VRM’s.

They all do it over time.


Yeah I second this

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I have noticed that same thing on my board recently after trying to troubleshoot my BSODs, from what I can see it’s dripping down the whole board on the backside, do you guys really think it’s nothing to worry about? Can it not pick up ions on the way?
Mine is a non-Alpha btw…

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About the only thing it can pick up is dust and lint. Silicone oil in non-conductive but sticky.

I’ve had some severely “furry” motherboards from leaking oil but have never had it cause any issues with the boards.

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I think the issue is the Corsair’s fan controller… I will try to switch it out for the Asus ROG one I got with the motherboard.

*edit, and the reason being that is where all the fans are connected and it is the top 2 fans and the top side fan that are acting up. I played around with all the different RGB settings and the top 3 are not listening properly as far as color goes. Fans seem just fine and still do the thing so I just turned off all fan RGB until I switch out controllers to see if that is the issue.

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