My AMD Build or My Intel Build

Intel Build:

AMD Build:

I like both builds and right now the base price difference between the two is $20. For the AMD motherboard and the larger PSU... I'm thinking the AMD build will be my preference. Eventually I do plan to crossfire the 7950, so yes I do want the 990fx. as for the z77, I'm not well rehearsed in Intel chipsets... but I do believe the 990fx will be better from what I'm hearing. I just want to hear some overall opinions on the builds and which one people would prefer. I don't plan on buying these anytime too soon, but eventually.

Make sure the PSU you get is at least 80+ certified.  The one in your Intel build is not :(.

Also, for you AMD build, get this motherboard:

It'll handle the 8350 a lot better.

Otherwise, it's brand preference in my opinion.  They should both perform about the same.