My access to my external harddrive is denied

So I was scanning for issues on my external harddrive. Because detection was getting worse. I go to the harddrive under Computer, right click, properties, and choose check for errors. So after a long time, it started to stand still at some point, and nost scan further. And after a very very long time I canceled. Now when I try to access the harddrive it doesn't give me access, it says:


F:\ is not accessible


Access is denied.



I tried to make ownership through properties, security. Like my Google searches told me. Didn't work.

Now somebody else had a problem like that on toms hardware. And someone there suggests this:

"You can try resetting the security permission to Windows 7 default:

Just run in evalated prompt the following command.

secedit /configure /cfg %windir%\inf\defltbase.inf /db defltbase.sdb /verbose"

Here is the link to the topic:


Now I am afraid to lose that data by using this command. The data is very important for me. Will this just reset, and not reformat? I just don't know. That's why I am asking. My Harddrive is still displayed under Computer with the amount of storage it has on it. I don't want to lose the data. I can't reformat it. I want to keep the data. Thank you for reading and trying.

1. Try booting Windows 7 in safe mode, and then try to access external drive (while in safe mode).

2. It may be a faulty electronics in an external enclosure, so you could try taking HDD out of the external case, and then try to connect HDD to a motherboard (using SATA cable).

3. You could also try steps from MS, but keep in mind in some cases it happens that people lose data:

Click Start, click All programs, click Accessories

Right-click Command Prompt and click Run as administrator


takeown /F (external drive letter) and press Enter.


CACLS (external drive letter) /G Administrator:F 

and press Enter.

Restart the computer and test the issue.


I was able to access it normaly in safe mode. Than I went into properties, and changed the owner of the harddrive from SYSTEM to Administrator. (I guess that are all administrators of any PC. But I will find that out later anyways.) Now I can access my harddrive normaly. I thank you very much for this thorough guide. That data meant a lot to me. Do you know why this happened? If I should ever use this function again? Or what I have done wrong?

Happy to help.

For the true cause of the problem I can only guess. But during a long operation to check the HDD partition Windows sets the rule for locking partitions in order to perform the surgery correction of possible errors. And then there was a brief interruption of the USB connection between the computer and the external HDD, which usually causes power cut or Windows driver identifying a new device or refreshing devices lists, at the end which resulted that the HDD remained in the locked state.

Microsoft, Microsoft...

Thanks :)