My 8350 OC 5GHz


I am happy :P All 8 cores enabled and Prime95



Cooled with the Hyper 212 Evo with some Noctua fans, keep in mind the ambient temps in my home 24/7 are 60 F and below, and so I cant go much higher than this

Awesome :)

Not bad for a $30 cooler


This makes me want to see how AMD will deal with the new 5ghz CPU. You acheiving this with a Hyper 212 evo gives me higher hopes than I had for those new CPU's.

Good Job.

The room's ambient temps are also 60 F xD

DUDE! How is this possible! Would LOVE to pick your brain to get some tips! I have the same mobo and cpu, but need 1.48 to hit just 4.6ghz! Stock voltage on my chip is 1.35v though (a lower binned 8350 for sure). Please! Share your secrets! 

A validation means nothing. Run P95 for 48 hours, and we'll see if it's stable.

What are your temperatures after 10 minites of Prime95?

It currently IS running xD 

Please run cinebench and post your score.

Me sulking...

I cant get beyond 4.8 :(

Though I can get my 8350 to 5GHz quite easily, I am certainly impressed with how low your voltage is.

At 5GHz my chip swallows 1.34v

You guys are making me feel bad. My 3770k, which is generally supposed to use less voltage than an 8350, can't even hit 5.0gHz at 1.6V :(

Those voltages are awsome, my 8350 runs at 1.38v stock settings.

I've been doing some experimenting lately with overclocking and i can get 4.8 and 4.9 stable, with just a fsb only overclock and just a multi only overclock.

Which one would give the best gaming performance? Because i've just used cinebench so far for testing  and the scores are the same between fsb only and multi only.

Update just got 5ghz stable, but it required 1.5875volts. Good thing its the middle of the night and winter where i am, otherwise my h100 wouldn't have held out long enough to test it. :(

I've got a 900d that i'm planning on building a maxed out custom watercooling loop in, when i eventually save up enough. This leads me to my next question that i hope someone can answer. Would this overclock be okay to use under a certain temp? For example never over 45c.

How do you know it is stable? It takes a good 24 hour P95 test to guarantee stability.

Would you recomend trying it at those volts if i can keep temps down low enough?

I usually just let mine sit through prime when I go to bed. Average is ~450 tests completed. If it isn't stable, he will find out when the bsod hits him lol. I want to know how high he can get RAM with fsb overclock.

I ran prime for 10mins as a first test, i'm just worried about leaving it overnight running it at 1.5875volts, and waking up to a dead cpu.

I'm not sure about using this all the time even when i get extreme cooling, it was just to see if i could even reach 5ghz.

With my fsb overclock i just scaled back my ram speed to within its max rated speed. For 5ghz 20x250 with my 2133ram running at 2000.