My $830 Gaming PC

Well... its a gaming PC guys. Tell me what you think and I will be happy to read it.

Heres the build--

I'm gonig to buy this most likely on Cyber Monday so It'll be cheap!! I'll only be gaming on this PC. No fancy rendering or video editing- just gaming. I figured I'd spend +$4 on the Corsair Vengence Pro Series so I'd get the 1866 MHz instead of the 1600 MHz. Was that a wise decision? Also, if you have any of these parts, I'd be glad to hear your thoughts on them. Thanks

The 1600Mhz Ram and 1866 won't have a difference in games. I'd spend 5-10 bucks more for a 1TB HDD. If you can get a little extra I would get this Motherboard instead of that one. Maybe get lower profile Ram.

Everything is good!

I wold only change the HDD to Western digital caviar blue 1TB trust me its been buyed more that the HDD that youve selected.You wont get tham much of a boost if your RAM is 1866 and not 1600 so...

And if youre wiling to spend a little more get the FX-8350 but everything is good :) good luck!