My 3990x oopsiieeeee

Welp, this is it! I haven’t built a computer in years. In fact, I haven’t built a mega PC since the early 2003s when AMD brought out the first ever 64 bit CPU and after that, all I’ve done is make due with work PCs and personal laptops.

But it is time! I decided it was time to make a new PC because I haven’t had a good personal PC in over a decade, almost 2… and with Intel still playing the same old game… I was looking at Intel but said “looks like I’ll be going AMD again” why? the i9 7980xe and the i9 10980xe is just the same processor just refined.

I have been doing so much research! getting that nerd rush! building my parts list and comparing the deals.

The first PC I seen was an Alienware Intel i9 7980xe with 2x 1080ti’s and 34gbs of ram on Ebay for $3100. This isnt a bad PC at all for the work I need it to do (and I’ll get into the work here soon} but looking at the parts and how long I’m looking to keep this PC, that PC is at it’s end-life hardware wise. Yes I could’ve upgraded the ram to it’s capped 64gb 2666mhz but ehhh.

I want something that will last me a few more gens worth of hardware and do the things I need it to do. Lately AMD has been making its rounds and Intel has even stated they are slacking with no sign in sights to picking up the slack anytime soon… (figures) so I pulled the trigger and went AMD again

What do I need it to do? 3d renders mainly. I 3d print a lot, make 3d files / art / engineering prototypes and I am tired of the 4-7+ hour rendering times and the re-waiting times if one fails during a render or needs changes from my current “main” laptop. Hints why I need a better PC. I also multi task a LOT.

Still today the i9 7980xe is listed for between $1900-2500 for just the processor… depending on where you shop. When the 3960 and 3970x sell for less and do SO much more… Heck, the 3950 can do what I need but I think that’s it, I’m capped with that.

Now, around this time you guys and gals are thinking, yep? yeah? we know… but why is the title “my 3990x oopsieee” when you know that getting those processors are cheaper but still better than what intel has to offer? why bring up the 3990x?

Welp, because I think someone messed up somewhere and I got the better deal… and it was cheaper for me to spend an extra $850ish before tax to get the 3990x instead of a 3970x… yes that’s right, I got a 3990x for $3000ish after tax…

So my original 3960 or 3970x build has now turned into a 3990x build!! if I was married, my wife would’ve killed me but Yolo! why not? now I just need to see exactly everything this baby can do! lol

So my PC guts, A 3990x with g-skill 256gb of 3200mhz quad channel ram, 1 2080ti, an Asus ROG extreme alpha, 1600w psu, 4 m.2s @ 2tbs 4.0, 1 32gb optane stick, and 4tb 7200 WD black HDD for the data file storage.

I will be installing some original Starcraft and maybe some others for the shits and giggles!

I am disappointed there isnt more information out there about this processor but I get it that it was just released so I’m on this boat to see where it leads!I hope it lasts longer than the 2990wx.

Even though I spent about $500 more than my original budget, I think I saved about $1000! plus ill make my money back no problem. So yep! that was my oopsiee because I wasnt planning on it but now I have THEE best processor.


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