My 1st Water cooled PC never going back

After 9 months of saving, research, etc. (and sending lots of wrong parts back) I finally present you my 1st water cooled PC:


2 x Samsung Evo 256GB

2 x AMD R9 280X

AMD 8350 8 core CPU


16GB Corsair XMS Corsair

RM 1000 PSU


that thing looks pretty.... i like the color setup too


Wow. Much fans many lights.

Very nice! Ever gonna add the GPUs to that loop?

Seriously very nice. What case is that?

Very nice. Its scary how similar our builds are, mine is minus one 280x and the water cooling.

What water block did you choose?

I went for the AMD XSPC Raytorm

Damn, even the ssds are laid out neatly.

They look bright in the photo but the main case ones of down quite low.


Yes I will expand to the GPU's once my wallet recovers!

:) When I look at it I realise I am very neat and tidy - the SS'd are in trays so they handle themselves


What does it look like on the other side of that 540?

Messy but of course totally hidden - so it does not bother me personally

that cable management...

i am more of a "if i cant hide it, sleeve it!" type :D

Neat and tidy, very nice build.

Thank you

The colours SO PRETTY. whish i can afford watercooling so that i can oc my cpu to 5ghz in like 5 years :D