My 1st PC build- is it any good?

This is my potential build which I will be building in the near future. Any recommendations and opinions will be welcome.
-i5 3570k
-asrock z77 extreme 4 (changed it to the Asus p8z77 v lk)
-Mushkin redline enhanced 8gb 1600
-cm hyper 212 evo
-msi 660ti OC
- fractal core 3000
- Rosewill hive 750w
- w7 home premium
- Adata xpg ex900 256gb SSD
-lite on DVD burner
P.s. this will look similar to the build video but I just really like the quality of these products. Also I'm not really looking at OC too much and I wanted to future proof so I chose the ivy bridge

The AsRock is prone to DOA situations and short life spans. Id swap it out for an ASUS or MSI board personally. The rest is pretty solid.

K, I looked at some Asus stuff and I like the Asus p8z77-v lk.

That's a really good choice. Lookin' like a pro already. ;D


Its really good, you'll be fine for 3-4 years or even more if you decide to keep some of those components for the next build or upgrade.

How much is this on newegg

I have it at 1200 with some of their deals

Looks really nice! I have no experience with Rosewill PSUs but I can highly recommend SeaSonic!

I can support this claim right now I'm using the ASRock 970 and my first was DOA.