My $14 earbuds better than my $100 headset,how does that work? lol

I currently have a Logitech G35 headset(i also have a broken set of Cyber Snipa Sonar 5.1)and they have nice sound(compared to the $20 logitech clearchat headse i had before)but i tried the $14 earbuds i use with my phone,and not only is the sound quality better for music,but it has noticably better positional audio.

And the weird thing is that all the reviews i have seen of the earbuds,said the the sound quality is on par with apple earbuds.

I would use them all the time,but i have always had problems with earbuds being uncomfortable.

if you want a good pair of earbuds, sony is the way to go.

those are the best ear buds i have ever used....and i have used quite a few pairs that are up in the 100-130 dollar range...

The thing is i love the way my earbuds sound,but they get uncomfortable quick.

Here is a newegg link to the brand i have(expect mine are silver and black not green and black):

My £5 headphones sound better than a set of Dr DRE beats

Headphones and earbuds have different sound properties. If your earbuds fit into your ear canals (in ear monitors) they are able to provide better isolation (less outside noise) resulting in a clearer sound and due to their closeness to the eardrums also are more intimate sounding than headphones. When these in ear monitors seal well you can expect decently strong and tight bass from them that you may even feel. Headphones on the other hand, provide a larger sound, more distanced from you and as they go around your ears may seal you less from outside noise.On ear headphones are kind of middle of the road and may be more fiddly and uncomfortable (your experience may vary). Gaming headsets are prone to have a prominent bass, losing clarity and the like which you won't find on music oriented headphones. Of course there are many different headphones, headsets, earbuds and in ear monitors that close gaps between the different products and my divert from the generalisation I made above.

Not to forget the files you play as well as the source you play them from affect the sound you hear, but in your case I would say its the intimate, clearer sound from your earbuds you are experiencing as opposed to the more open, bass prominent distanced sound you get from the G35.

Here is an interesting thread on the use of headphones for gaming from click!


i have noticed this, im unsure if its the hardware inside or what, but i was recently going to purchase a pair of marshall headphones that where like £90 and i picked up a pair of Sonys that where £20 and they rival the marshalls, also beats are awful anyways there bigged up too much for there style and people who are tone deaf, try Bose there good also! but expensive

Well does anybody know of some sub $100(headset and sound card if i need it) Headphones/headsets(i do perfer headsets),that will be as good as those earbuds in gaming(if not better) than those earbuds?

i would also like a pair that durable cause i am on my 5th headset in the past 3 years,they all seem to break where the ear piece connects to the headband