My $1300 Pcpartpicker build (done) opinions?

Link to build

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Your build looks good. Although I suggest you change the SSD to either an Adata SX900, or a Samsung 840 Pro, and to save up a bit more cash for a Gigabyte GA-990FX-UD3 which will allow you to get much more stable overclocks on your 8350 than the 970 chipset board you currently have picked out. If you can, Switch the Hyper 212 Evo for a Xigmatek Dark Knight II as it cools nearly as well as an H100, and is only 20$ more than the Evo. Logan also has a review of it that you should check out. 

For a case, I'd recommend the Fractal Design Arc Midi R2. It has fantastic airflow, has excellent build quality, and has a nice window to allow you to see your components.

Everything Matman24 said, definitely the part about the different motherboard, I love my White C70 case, but I could easily see going for a Arc Midi R2, It's a beautiful piece of work.

i love the build now i didnt choose the Fractal Design Arc Midi R2 but i chose the R4 and it looks great i see alot of good reviews and thanks for showing me the dark knight because i really like it and now i know what to choose if i want to make more builds but heres the build and thanks.If you got any more suggestions please tell me.

The R4 is also a great choice. I have one myself, and absolutely love it. Tons of cable management room, great airflow, and a nice minimalistic exterior. And for the price it's selling for, you really won't find a better case. The build looks great! The Dark Knight will serve you well, and with the 990FX board, you'll be able to overclock your 8350 like a champ. I really have no other suggestion to make. Good luck on your build! :)