My 1200 Gaming Machine has been Built

Hello Wold,

Edit:: Scroll to the bottomish to see the build

I have no idea how to start this so im just going to start rambling want I am looking for

I have a 1,200 budget however going very slightly over is ok, I am a Intel and Nvidia fanboy so a GTX 970 and a I-5 would be preferred  (if the I-5 can handle planned future upgrades, I'll talk more on this later in this post)

I am very paranoid about good airflow so a good case with the options for a decent amount of fan addons would be preferred. I would a well like the case to have a window as such color matching components of black/blue would be preferred however any combination would suffice. Also a closed loop liqued CPU cooler would be preferable.


This will be the base machine that I further upgrade as I am able to. I plan on adding as much ram as i can, as many fans as possible, and at least one more video card (at minimal) and want to just add to existing components as opposed of tossing out old components and replacing them hence wasting money on the old components.


I do not need any peripherals at the time, I plan on purchasing parts the 15th of this month and will of course be providing pics of the rig I end up building


Thank you for your time

What kind of cases do you like style wise, and do you need an OS?


As far as cases go looks I like the coolermaster haf line, modern and I'd say bold


though sleek and streamlined can be just as appealling


prefer the front being a mesh with ideally open fans behind the mesh I don't like having a panel in front of the fans and having them pull from the sides 2 front at least 140mm fans would be preferred(I know I say that a lot) then have equal size exhaust on the back and dual fans on top the best examples I can think of as to what I think a perfect case would be is a half X with 2 front intake fans or a fractal design r4 windowed without the panel in front of the intakes though if nothing of that sort is within budget then I would be satisfied with a case similar to the r4


I do not need a OS


Sorry if the post is confusing im away from the computer and typing this out on my phone at the moment

Might need to change the case though. I'm kinda lazy when it comes to loooking for really good cooling in cases

Look this over and see what you think.

Morgoth, I like it the only changes I could see is a black case and a single 8gb ram stick (so I can just fill all the memory slots with 8gb sticks and not throw anything out) though I really really like the color coordination of the internals

Is a CPU cooler something that can be swapped out my understanding is technically it is possible though I'll advised though I  most likely am wrong... I think

and now i combine two of my posts into one 

Linux, that is just about exactly what I am looking for the only thing I can think of and again its nit picking but I'm curious about the possibility of a single 8gb stick other then that the build looks amazing this not being possible won't be a deal killer I'd rather just again if possible throw in more and more and more 8gb sticks and eventually fill all 4 slots over time

Thank You Both

This gets the +1 from me.  Only thing I might consider is changing out that watercooler for a large, quiet aircooler or getting some quieter fans(Noctua Industrial, anyone?) for the H100i.

i took a look and there was a H110, 280mm cooler, on amazon for not to much more eventually the fans i'll be upgrading to the Corsair SP series most likley, unless another pressure series is better then for the intake/exhaust not restricted by the radiator i'll eventually upgrade to the Corsair AF series in blue LED 


I may go to the noctua fans, looked at the reviews and from what i've seen they are the best there is however rather pricey is my understanding

The regular Noctua fans are really good as well, but some people don't like the color of them.  They're pricy, but they're great fans.

If you plan on using an i5 it's pointless to use quad channel memory because the i5 only supports dual channel. I should also point out buying one 8GB stick of RAM will cause the RAM to perform significantly less than dual channel as it would be running in single channel. On top of that anything over 16GB of RAM is way overkill (completely unnescessary) for gaming.

My recommendation is if you want the best amount of RAM you can get for gaming up your budget slightly and go with a 16GB dual channel kit of RAM.

This is a good kit:


I should also point out buying one 8GB stick of RAM will cause the RAM to perform significantly less than dual channel as it would be running in single channel.

Actually, the difference is only 5-8% at most and not very noticeable.  It helps with things such as file transfers and other high uses for RAM, but for games(especially with a dGPU), there isn't much difference.

Thanks for the tip that's good to know.

4 sticks of memory doesnt mean quad channel ☺

only X79 and X99 setups support quad channel memory, there for 8 ram slots on those platforms. you can use 2 sticks per channel.

Oh, okay disregard everything I just said besides anything over 16GB of RAM is OP for gaming, because I'm just an idiot.

Rather soon after the base purchase (a month or so) i plan on getting a second 8gb stick then all the fans i can find places to mount i took a look into the case and absolutely love it

i tweaked Linux's build and came up with

only differance is the single 8gb stick and the 280mm liquid cooler though I am a little over budget but in the longrun I think I'll be happier

This is what i have trown together, offcourse its not black/blue. But offcourse you could look for a diffrent colored mobo if you like.

I think this will be a nice gaming build, i choosed for a 750W psu which is overkill for now, but if you wanne add a second GPU in the future, then your psu is more then ready for that. i choosed for 2x4GB of ram, which is basicly enough for now. if you prefer the abbility to utilize all 32GB of memory in the future, then you could concider a single 8GB stick or if you can spend a bit extra 2x8GB sticks.

Its a base idea of what you could build.

Let me know what you think.

Grtz Angel ☺

As I know in a month at most I'll be getting a second 8gb stick I think i would like to stick to having just one 

My plans for the future are to bring memory up to 16gb at minimum and picking up a second gtx 970, I am curious how does MSI's 970 compare's to Gigabyte's  I as well plan to put a fan anywhere and everywhere I can so I'm curious to as far as fans go what has the most quality for price..... also LEDs would be a big plus and yes i know they have no affect on performance and in many ways are a bit of a waiste, i just want a nice looking machine to and am not to concerned with that extra cost in future fan upgrades

In terms of the GTX970, basicly they will perform very similar at base. Gigabyte cards are allways a bit higher clocked at stock. But offcourse an msi can be overclocked aswell. Again silicon luck in how far you can push those cards.

I think that the Gigabyte overclock maybe slightly higher, but it also cost more. In the end its all in a margin.

I have made my purchase opted to go for due to in essence having a color scheme I will be more happy with and my understanding is with near identical performance.

Case, SSD, Memory Stick, and CPU Cooler bought from Amazon

Motherboard and HDD from NewEgg    also impulse bought (i know doing so is bad) a CM Devestator keyboard/mouse combo with blue led in the future i'll be getting a better keyboard mouse my current setup would work but would be less the ideal thus stating no peripherals are needed

CPU, GPU, and PSU is coming from NCIX


I went with free shipping with everything interestingly only Amazon has got things in transit purchase wad made very early in the morning of the 15th


So long as the mods don't shoot down the idea I would like to keep this up to date with what parts have been delivered then a part by part photo gallery of the build itself the pics of the build throughtout the process will be in one big post if given the green light, I'm not entirely sure how much the mods want these topics to just die once the purchase has been made but I would like to show what comes of it.

Looks good.

Have fun building ☺