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My 1 year Linux Challenge Delayed Edition


Looking back at the start of this endeavor I couldn’t believe how incredibly naive I was about computers.
I lived in a world where windows just came pre-installed on every machine and most of my friends were/are avid pc gamers at the time I had bought an Alienware MX17 -RX 1. I remember one night after a few drinks and finished raiding in WOW most of my friends crashed out I was watching some YouTube videos and I stumbled across a video of a guy showing off Linux Mint with Compiz Fusion running he made his whole desktop turn into a cube and I thought that was the greatest thing ever I saved the video, the following day I went down to Barnes and Noble and bought a disk of Linux Mint to Install it on my laptop and not knowing what I was doing I had bricked my system. I was out of a laptop all my friends were mad at the fact I was no longer able to play games, my wife was mad that I had just wasted 1500.00 on a laptop that no longer worked!

Some time had past and I had saved up enough money to buy the computer that I am writing this blog with today.
Learning from my experience with my laptop I wanted full control so I decided to build my first computer.
I bought my case first thinking I would be picking up parts as I could afford them, during this time I had was an avid watcher of Tek Syndicate, So I bought a Fractal Define Refine R4. I had it shipped and it sat in a box in my closet for almost another year while I saved enough money to buy the rest of the components for my build.

I had bought an I7-5820K Processor, Asus X-99 Deluxe motherboard, 32gb ddr4 Corsair Dominator memory, Corsair AX760 power supply, Corsair Hydro Series H105, six Corsair Air Series SP120 fans, 500gb Samsung SSD, 2TB Western Digital HDD and EVGA Geforce 980TI FTW edition GPU. The associate at Fry’s threw a copy of windows 10 in the basket. I was reluctant at first due to watching all the videos about privacy and spying but my friends told me I had to have windows 10 to be able to play games again with them.

During this process the fallout had happened in the community on my birthday none the less I was excited to finally watch The Tek and boom the site was shut down. I do not think I have ever been so excited and disappointed at the same time in my life. Like all things, time moved on and the channels became their own thing and I decided to follow Wendell and the rest of the forum to level1Techs.
I had been a lurker for a long time and finally decided to become part of this community. I remember when this challenge first came out and when level1Linux made its return and just like the first time I saw that Compiz Fusion cube that day it felt like it was meant to be almost like I was destined to use Linux. Solus OS has Just released it’s operating system and all I knew was that I would not be going back to Linux Mint. So I tried and tried and failed miserably not knowing anything about computers at this time I didn’t know that I needed to flash my Bios and disable secure boot and I still could not get Solus to run on my system then after speaking with @wendell

He recommended Fedora, Linux Mint, and Ubuntu. So I tried Fedora 25 It installed perfectly all the way to the point of Wireless drivers and I asked everyone @sgtawesomesauce, @Eden, @MisteryAngel , @Kat and Still couldn’t get it to work and then finally I opted for a fourth option Elementary OS it had just come out and I was like New Linux User New Distro so I went with that and it worked. I was so excited that it worked I couldn’t wait to come home to start the process of learning Linux! I got to the end of my shift and just like my birthday, tragedy had struck once again this time with the loss of my mother.
I was on a plane that same night to say goodbyes and to pay my respects. When I had returned home I took some time off from electronics to gather my thoughts and try to obtain a new perspective. My wife was unable to go with me due to the fact she was pregnant with my first child. Fast forward 3 months and I have been using Elementary OS as my daily driver. Taking it slow
learning the ins and outs of the terminal, learning to install software and just overall getting used to the fact my operating system is not windows, when my son was born, I decided to name him Logan because he will constantly remind me that through every tragedy Something better will come out the other side and that is exactly what this experience has been for me.
Since then
I have become increasingly more proficient at using Linux and I have become an avid reader and researcher due to just breaking things and learning how to resolve my own issues. I am not as far along as others on these forums and that is ok I am where I am meant to be.

If I had to sum up Linux I would consider it similar to the first Maze Runner, you live in a box and as time goes by you become increasingly dependent on being in that box, you still want to know whats on the other side of those walls and once you finally find your way out of the maze your eyes become open to new and exciting possibilities!
Some people may even decide to return to that box but the difference is when they do they are the ones that is in control.

In conclusion I consider you all like a extended family that has taught me to be a nerd, to build my first computer, the people that gave me the tools to use Linux and how to be truly a Level1Tech.

Thank you all for being a part of this community.


That is how it is… empowering is far more important.


Please excuse my ignorance, but with the laptop having secure boot enabled, I’m guessing you were able to boot to the Linux CD, wipe the Microsoft partition, then the laptop would refuse to boot into the new partition.
Would it still let you back into the UEFI, disable secure boot, then re-install Linux a second time, and work after that?

Belated congratulations on your first child, and it seems your good luck is often mixed with bad!


That is exactly what happened, back then I didn’t know how to get to into the UEFI. I also didn’t know of the tech community yet either looking back the computer probably was salvageable I did not have the skills to fix the issue.


Well, having started down the Linux path for a while now, I imagine your Google-fu has improved by several orders of magnitude!


You know that literally does not matter… boot into your bios disable secure boot… which is a misnomer :slight_smile:


While this is true, that can very easily trip up newbies. Not the ideal solution.


You might have a point… I strike at ease use. Linux is getting there.


I’ve been keeping an emotional score myself (unscientific)
Problems solved by secure boot: 0
Problems caused by secure boot: 4,978


Secure boot is a nice idea, but just ends up breaking things at the worst possible time. It’s a bit Iike Selinux in its early days. Cries wolf, breaks your machine, need to read war and peace to fix it, never seems to work the same way 2x.

PC suicide-ware


Pretty sure this is what got me into Linux… the virtual desktop cube blew my mind :laughing: