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My 1 year Linux Challenge Delayed Edition


Some shit goes here…


That is how it is… empowering is far more important.


Please excuse my ignorance, but with the laptop having secure boot enabled, I’m guessing you were able to boot to the Linux CD, wipe the Microsoft partition, then the laptop would refuse to boot into the new partition.
Would it still let you back into the UEFI, disable secure boot, then re-install Linux a second time, and work after that?

Belated congratulations on your first child, and it seems your good luck is often mixed with bad!


That is exactly what happened, back then I didn’t know how to get to into the UEFI. I also didn’t know of the tech community yet either looking back the computer probably was salvageable I did not have the skills to fix the issue.


Well, having started down the Linux path for a while now, I imagine your Google-fu has improved by several orders of magnitude!


You know that literally does not matter… boot into your bios disable secure boot… which is a misnomer :slight_smile:


While this is true, that can very easily trip up newbies. Not the ideal solution.


You might have a point… I strike at ease use. Linux is getting there.


I’ve been keeping an emotional score myself (unscientific)
Problems solved by secure boot: 0
Problems caused by secure boot: 4,978


Secure boot is a nice idea, but just ends up breaking things at the worst possible time. It’s a bit Iike Selinux in its early days. Cries wolf, breaks your machine, need to read war and peace to fix it, never seems to work the same way 2x.

PC suicide-ware


Pretty sure this is what got me into Linux… the virtual desktop cube blew my mind :laughing: