MxO - The Matrix Online

I recently learned that @DeusQain at some point in his life played the Matrix Online [MxO], which just tickled me silly because I myself played MxO from Beta till the day it went offline. Now whether or not Qain liked MxO is another question lol. As for me, MxO is very dear to my heart for many reasons that I thought I'd share here. But, before I do that...

What this thread is really for is anyone and everyone who played MxO to come together, re-unite, share stories and screenshots, and maybe even have some philosophical discussions. For those of you not familiar with MxO, It was released in March of 2005 and ran until June 2009 when it when offline. To put this in context. World of Warcraft was released in November 2004. However MxO was heavily beta tested before the released of WoW, and what's more, to this day most people seemed to regard the beta was the best time period of the game. Which brings me to my next fun MxO fact. It is widely regarded as a failed and shitty game with many bugs and failed promises.

That said, MxO had a very passionate and dedicated niche following, and many healthy RP and other creative communities within it. This thread is for those guys if you're out there. I'd like to try to keep this thread positive and about the memories and not about all the failures and disappointments.

If you're curious about the game and want to play it, unfortunately that's impossible... almost. You can head over to and there are instructions on how to download the data files and installer, but it will require a bit of patience to get working, and even when working properly, it really is just a shell of what the game once was. Almost nothing works, there is no combat system or NPCs. It's just a depopulated virtual space.

There are some videos out there on youtube, but not many good ones. I actually made one a long time ago. It remains the one and only video I have ever recorded and edited myself lol. I used a combination of Fraps, a programmable Matrix Screen saver, MxO, and Windows Movie Maker hahaha.

This isn't my channel, but another MxO player compiled a lot of MxO fan made videos.

So, who else is out there! Come reintroduce yourself and share your stories. All probably none of you lol.

Reserved For Imaximus Story :D

Ah, the years I spent playing this game. Syntax and the amazing PvP!

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hurr da durr MxO has an emulator now

I fixed your post.