Mx Browns vs reds

hi all, ive been thinking of getting a new mechanical keyboard but am torn between reds and browns. currently i have blues which are nice for typing but terrible for gaming. i play alot of games where double tapping quickly would be very useful. with blues im prety sure you have to lift the entire key up before it resets. the obvious choice is red however im afraid of buying a red keyboard the keys being so easy to tap plus not having a tactile bump im accidently hitting keys in games. especiially since im used to heavy keys like the blues. i would love try both switches but i have no place close to me that sell mech keyboards

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You could always buy a tester for 16$~ But i would recommend the Browns BECAUSE the browns reset basically at the same point it actuates like on the reds. Plus the browns have a bump and just plain feel better.

I love browns and especially since you're moving from blues they ought to fell simillar.
Also there's no real difference except being totally linear and IMO that's not worth the much nicer feel of the browns.

I had a chance to use browns and they're the best. I want to get a keyboard with brown switches eventually because when I tested them they were great for gaming and typing bash scripts :)

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I would say in your case Browns (45~g) would be the way to go but Reds (45~g) are not the only linear, there is Blacks (60~g) too which are a harder linear switch and Dark Grey (80~g) again linear but hard to find although gaining popularity.

And if you want harder tactile there is Clear (62~g) and Light Grey (80~g)

Personally I love linear switches and the heavier the better so I am going custom 100g springs in linear switches, Reds (cherry) in this case and Blacks (gateron) if I can scratch together the cash for a Planck over on Massdrop before it ends.

sounds like you want browns with the tactile bump, you can always add rubber switch dampeners to make the actuation even shorter.

I hate typing on reds. I always make mistakes with my current keyboard. If I type anyway quickly, a lot of the time it will register double keystrokes. It's a right pain in the arse.

I'd go with Browns (try them out of you have a chance though, as this is subjective). IIRC, their actuation to reset distance is nearly the same as Reds (and shorter than Blues), and you have a tactile bump which makes them a joy to type on without the extra noise of a Blue or buckling spring. I use them for gaming, and have no complaints.

I have used blues, browns, blacks, and reds.

Each switch is good for specific tasks as well as general use.

I really enjoy blues for typing, but reds for most games (Osu specifically).

I many be wrong.... but I believe that if you buy a tester from Corsair, they will discount the price of the tester if you order your keyboard from them.