MX Air mouse - Bluetooth interference (near Wifi)

Hi all.

Got a problem. Been a Logitech MX Air user for some time and now. Sadly, after my Wifi having to be in more heavy use lately, it's spazzing out whenever there's alot of activity on the network.

Now my PC (that uses said mouse) is a wired connection to the wifi router in question, but i have at least 3 other devices that connect to it via wifi - one in particular being another pc that we've recently had bought in. Ever since, the mouse has complained about it.

I get persistent stuttering, sometimes completely no response for a few seconds. Now to remedy this i've changed the router settings to use another channel, and have gone through all 13 (plus various "Extension" channels) and none of which appear to help it (some being worse than others)

What i'm really here to ask is if there's anything else i can do to perhaps remedy this problem. What i'd also like to know is what version of bluetooth this mouse uses so i can, if possible, get to know what frequencies it uses and adjust my router channel accordingly.

I was always under the impression this mouse used Wifi - if i had known it was bluetooth, i likely wouldn't have purchased it knowing the kind of hassle bluetooth can cause when in close proximity to wifi 2.4GHz.


I've also tried moving the router (Which is right next to my PC/Mouse) which never really made any difference. This router has a surprisingly long range and i assume because of that i'd almost have to have it away from the property to notice any change.

I know early generation Bluetooth has been known to interfere with WiFi and vice versa, besides changing the channel or blocking the signal from one another the only thing left to do is update the Bluetooth device(specifically the bluetooth reciever/transmitter in the device ie generational upgrade). I know PITA right.