Music to play while gaming

i like somber saddish music when i'm playing video games, but most games wiill play music that i don't really like that has an energy that dosen't really fit me. mostly i'm looking for something to play with skyrim to give it the feel i want. instrumentals preferred. thanks.

Not sure what you like, but maybe try out some songs by A Perfect Circle?

A few songs I like by them are The Outsider, A Stranger, Imagine, The Hollow, Sleeping Beauty, and 3 Libras.  I'd recommend checking out the acoustic versions of some of these songs as well.


Sure to give the energy needed 

But if you really want really good instrumental music listen to TwoStepsFromHell

Jamie T, Matt and Kim, The Killers, Bright Eyes, Atmosphere, Muse, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., Cake, Metric, Bondage Fairies, Postal Service, Death Cab for Cutie, Ben Gibbard, pretty much the rest of the music Audolith publishes, Bare Naked Ladies, and much more, but that should be enough for some gaming.

too cheery, it isn't half bad though.

it's only one song, and it's not instrumental, but try Erised by Periphery.

the song that goes with everything with the song that goes with everything

How about halos theme song, halo reaches theme song, deus ex theme song And trading snake oil for wolf tickets by gary Jules.