Music player recommendations

Hey guyz and girls.
I am looking for a music player. I used to use media player 10 early in my life cycle as both audio and video player. Now I use MPC (media player classic) as video player and whatever for audio. Usually YouTube.
Now, I dislike WinAmp with passion. I used to have so many issues with the earlier versions of it, that I never want to use it again.
So my question is, can you recommend me some decent player?
I don't really care about extras and stuff... I want something simple and functional. MPC is exactly that when it comes to movies, it just don't quite function well when it comes to music...
So yeah... I'd like to try some music players, so I don't have to use YouTube for that. OS is Windows 7.
Thanks in advance.

most people like foobar, you can find it on ninite

I liked spider media player, but that ceased devolopment, it displayed the lyrics in a side panel with the pro version that they gave away for free after it ended.

Check out Tek Syndicate's videos on foobar2000:

I saw them a few years ago and never looked back.

I just run vanilla because I'm lazy and don't care how it looks

I like VLC but if I'm at one of my editing comps I just open a track in reaper. I get to make it sound better that way. Theres also "MP3 Player" plugins for reaper that make it pretty nice for sound. It is a DAW, but can be used elsewise.

I started using SMPlayer as my default player for Windows as it (purportedly) has the fastest start-up time. It does well for my liking though I'm not too fussy.
For Linux I use VLC as the default as it seems to be the best all-round on Linux.

For just basic use sitting in the background ? I use

OK, this Foobar thing strongly reminds me of both Photoshop and FL studio - really good, but really overcrowded with options...
May be once i set it up it will be really easy and functional, but god damn, i have no will to try and jump inside that right now...
This Xion player looks like reskin of Winamp...
Maybe i will jump into foobar, but i really want something stupid... Like me... So we can understand each other :D

Just do what I did and use the layout Tek Syndicate provides. I'm a lazy cunt when it comes to this kind of stuff so it was literally perfect for me

Alright, i started playing around with foobar and whatever i didn't want to happen happened...
I will now be gone for about a couple of months until i organize my music library...

In this video logan talks about using foobar to batch organize your library. You use the tool and make the format you want and can load your whole library at once if you want to and it will create an organized folder structure.

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Yeah, i watched it, but this doesn't help me at all, since the album cover art is missing, the songs are missing track numbers in the files themselves, so i have to add them manually to the title, otherwise it fails to give them numbers...
The things i need to do are the things foobar can't do...

Use Musicbee.

Most of the foobar die-hards are right in that it can be awesome if you put effort in - musicbee is awesome out of the box and doesnt need anything done to it.