Music on my iPhone?

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I have an iPhone with 128GB of storage, and I'm using very little of it. Whats the best way to buy music somewhat cheaply and put it on the phone? Can I just drag and drop mp3s on it? Where can I get music? If I buy Zweihander from bandcamp, can I put it right on the phone? I've been using Spotify for years, and have no music collection. Lately, work has me going places with bad service, so those two don't mesh well. I appreciate any suggestions!

Usually to put music in an iphone you have to go through iTunes, it does not let you drag and drop, you have to waste a lot of time choosing the songs from the music in itunes library.

However, I have use a program call iTools, that bypass itunes and lets you just drag and drop files to and from the iphone, even if the iphone is sync with another PC (Which prompts you to delete all the files in the device from itunes to sync it with the music that the new PC have, since your device can only be used with 1 PC according to apple)

I am not sure if the program still works with new versions of itunes, I use it years ago, with an iphone 4.

It's possible to save music from spotify for offline listening when there's no service etc. There's probably different limitations depending on if you have a free or premium account, but for example I have a playlist of almost 300 songs downloaded to my phone so I can listen to it without using data etc while out..

Using the android app but I can't imagine that it wouldn't also be possible on iOS.. If you have custom playlists on spotify you may want to try it, or just try saving and downloading albums or something

I personally use Google Play Music service (which I believe is available on Apple Devices). I can import my own music, up to like 50,000 songs. However you KNOW just like any other "Service" they are using that data for something.

Sure google sees that I am enjoying the latest Vulvectomy album on my commute to work or someshit, but it don't matter to me. But it could tickle big brothers star. But I haven't seen any marketing pushed towards me relating to such... yet

You can buy music from the iTunes Store app on the iPhone and download them directly to the phone without having to connect to a computer. It's probably the easiest thing to do for someone who hasn't maintained a music collection themselves and experimented with different ways to get music on an iPhone. I've been using an iPhone since 2007 and have used various methods and the prices will be comparable to other services. Usually $.99 - $1.29 per song.

I use both iTunes (approx 6000 songs on my coughMac) and Spotify.

I used to purchase music from iTunes (think about 1000 songs) but recently just use Spotify. I have the premium membership so I can download playlists, albums and songs to my phone direct and it works out a treat.

So much easier to keep everything in sync from phone to PC.

If you don't have a premium membership get one for all it is and check the high quality streaming box.

You may not be able to drag and drop onto the phone, but you can drag and drop into iTunes assuming their all mp3s. That's how I got all my totally... legal... music onto my iPhone. You can simply sync the phone with iTunes after that. However, I would suggest going over your music with a metadata editor like kid3 so that all the names, artists, album art, etc. are all what their supposed to be.

I also use Google play music. Let's me easily upload my whole music collection to their servers, and access it on any device, streaming or download to device. Works well on both my android and ios devices.

You can put some music into your phone from your computer through iTunes without costing any money. If your music library is organized then it would not take much time. But if it isn't then you need some to time to organized them. Don't worry, your time is not going in vein, they will remain organized for the rest of their life.

Well, if you're looking for a place to get music, I recommend Bandcamp. DRM-free, unlimited streaming of the stuff you buy, and you're actually supporting the artists whose music you buy on that platform.

For putting music on your iPhone, have to import your .mp3 files to iTunes, and sync your iTunes library with your iPhone, which to me is a huge waste of time, but that's a discussion for another time.