Music In Terminator

Hey guys in Terminator 1 what is the music from the car at 17:25

sounds like just background music.

sorry that was the time remaining, its at 17:25

you mean when john connor and his buddy are on the dirt bike?

Edit: might be one of these (not sure if I know the scene you are talking about)

no clue, barely plays for few seconds. good luck op

No in terminator 1

is this the scene where kyle falls asleep in the car? not sure what other scenes have strange music no one knows, mightve just been random music made for the movie

Yep, that is the scene.

Sounds like a stock beat that would come on $50 Casio keyboards back in the early 90s... It's probably just something made for the film or a piece of stock music they used. Sounds like a generic break dance song like you would hear in the Breakin' movies, only somehow cheaper lol.

edit: also, I've been meaning to rewatch The Terminator... thanks for giving me an excuse to : )

I prefer the first one over the second because most people in the movie don’t escape death very easily making it seem more real to me.

yeah, robots from the future. so real.

I am one after all.