Music for Videos

I am now venturing into videography as I want to expand from plain photography.

But one thing troubles me, where can I find music that I can use for videos? As we all know, even if we are making videos that is non-profit or for eduactional only purposes, those faceless corporations would say otherwise and bring down my video...

Thanks in advance. 

There's without a doubt more unsigned artists on the net today than signed. Try browsing soundcloud for something you like and maybe pm the creator and ask if they'd be interested in letting you use their song. Most will be willing to let you go for it I'd imagine.

I will necro this post since I was the author and since it has been apparently been 7 months since withheld my plans for videography...

Now that I finally got the gear, the software, I have yet to find a resource for free music that I may use in my videos...

Anyone else got any ideas where?


Aite cool! lol I was gonna ask Logan if I can use his material as well... If you guys got other sources, do lemme know! Thanks!