Mushkin has released overclocked ECC desktop ram

Just came across this review, someone finally released some high performance desktop ECC ram that isn’t strangled by the anemic official JEDEC specs. Now, you could always overclock ECC ram in those non-epyc systems, but it’s nice to have a guaranty and convenience of baseline XMP performance. And you can always take it further if you want to burn time.

There are 4 variations of capacity and freq/timings, and two colors

It’s kind of at an awkward time, since next gen DDR5 and systems using it are very close to materializing over the next year, but better late than never!

And for those that don’t know, ECC is the best ram to overclock, because you can prove that your system is truly stable by checking the logs, and even then it doesn’t matter as much because errors are getting caught and corrected. With normal ram, even if you spend hours or days stress testing, you could still be getting a error every several weeks or months.


Goddamn, no 32 GiB variants :frowning:

Mushkin products are rather hard to come by here in Germany. I can get some of their SSDs (got Pilot-E NVMe running) but I haven’t seen any memory from them.

But great to see Mushkin filling the niche for end user ECC needs. Even if you don’t want to overclock, that memory is compatible with cases with a window. Basically any ECC memory out there is plain green module…deterrent to most non-enterprise customers.

I will certainly follow this development as I need a new daily driver this year and ECC is always preferred.

Well Alder Lake doesn’t support ECC. So there is no use-case for DDR5 memory right now. We’ll see about that kind of memory once AM5 platform hits the market.

awww it’s 3600 cl16, i already have some 3600 cl14 but it isn’t ECC. can ECC even be used on c570/5600x? or ONLY thread ripper?

i found some years back that my socket 939 consumer dual core supports ECC and tried it and it ran with 8gb of ECC for sometime.

ECC is always higher latency compared to regular dimms, in fact 3200 ecc is 22 and regular bottom barrel 3600 is 19 cas, 16 and 14 are considered good and great
so this being 3600, 16, and ecc is kinda incredible

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ah! that kind of sucks, too bad that couldn’t have CL15 maybe you get a golden kit it could do it with manual oc. however the one nice bit about my current kit is XMP plug and play

high speed ECC RAM - YeeeEeeEeeeEEE
32GB kits max - NOoooOOoOo
just bought 256GB - REEEEEEEEEEEE

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