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@wendell, thanks for the review!

I'd love to see you doing some overclocking guides on memory and maybe CPUs?

In my country it is almost impossible to find Mushkin, and from what i've gathered, they are really solid brand with really good products. The name sounds really really Russian... I am sorry, it could be USA brand to the bones, they are massaging my inner communist with their Russian name.

Seems like it's getthing harder and harder to find any electronic component made in the U.S. It'll be nice to expand any local business.

@wendell. you have like to see you attempt to see how well this memory handle bit flipping. aka rowhammer attack

Gorgeous looking RAM that I would want in my system. I have had Mushkin RAM before and not had a problem with it. As for DDR4 not something I will be buying in the near future but thanks for the vid Wendell.

... and people .... JUST RAM IT!

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After much thought i bought Kingston HyperX 2666MHz, it's "only" 15-17-17-35, but at 1.2V. The i7 920 lasted me for 7 years, so i dont want to push it.