Multitasking I5-3570K

Can someone with an i5 tell me how the multitasking is? As in, how many tasks you can have open and run them smoothly and all. My laptop has a dual core C-50 CPU and it has decent multitasking but when I try to open mutliple things in a web browser it really stutters and if I have music playing in the background then the music will stop or skip. 

"Multitasking" = 10+ tabs in web browser, music playing through a media player, an instant messenger chat open, and Teamspeak/Skype call going.

Multitasking = <10% cpu utilization on any new CPU, even $80 quad cores. Multitasking is not a measurement of CPU prowess. unless of course your CPU cant handle even simple tasks like this which means that computer/laptop needs to be lit on fire and replaced.

There's at least 50% CPU utilization with the AMD C-50 (Checked with Windows Task Manager), it's extremely weak. The GPU is a monster however...

It's time to sacrifie the thing to the gods of thunder in exchange for new hardware

Last time I worshipped the gods of thunder they sent me a goat. He pooped on my new sneakers :( I'm thinking of selling the thing and buying a nice little machine with an APU before I build a "big bertha" machine with an i5 and 7970.

Its Great!

i mean i can game, be downloading a torrent,  have itunes open listening to music, have steam and origin open,  and 5+ tabs and it doesent even flinch.

Sounds awesome! Just saw a video of a guy downloading a Steam game, playing BF3 on Ultra and playing 3 youtube videos on 1080p at one time with no hiccups. I can't wait to get that kind of performance.