Multiple Printers on One USB Hub

I’m planning a low powered itx build to be a print server. I currently have 4 printers but realised I won’t have enough ports for them. Can multiple printers share a USB port using an unpowered USB hub?

Yes, Printers don’t draw power from their USB ports (typically)

Powered is preferred in nearly all cases but a passive hub should work fine.

Why not just plug the printers in instead of asking the forum?

I guess a powered hub would ensure compatibility, but as @tkoham said,

thus you may not require power at all, I suppose this would also mean power bills would be lower, not that a USB hub would really draw that much power anyway at a size for your needs.

Any printer without a network port built in, is probably crap, and ill suited to being used as you described. They probably rely heavily on computer installed applications, in addition to the driver. Be prepared for disappointment in your mad scientist experiment.

Been there, done that. Passive hub is enough for the job.

Doesn’t the motherboard have headers for more USB ports, or are they all being used? Other than possible issues with vendor software mentioned above, it should work out ok.

Thanks everyone. I guess I can proceed with the build. The need for a print server is because some of them are not network printer; a label maker and a label printer. This will also be used document scanning using an automatic document scanner. I’m in the process of digitizing my book collection and study materials.

Unfortunately, the scanner is not networkable (is that even a word?), it is a Brother model ADS2100. A networked version would be much too expensive on a teaching salary. I also discovered that it cannot be shared like the printers. Still looking for a software solution to fix this issue.

Again, much appreciated.

I haven’t started with the build and do not have a USB hub on hand.