Multiple PowerLine plugs

I am using a PowerLine today for just one computer and that adapter is a Trendnet TPL-3006E

Device works great and have no issue but now want to add another computer using a PowerLine adapter.

Are there any PowerLine adapters that allow multiple computers to connect to my router and do not share the same IP address?  I want one PowerLine by the router where I can plug two LAN cables and then have two PowerLine adapters simulating two isolated LAN cables.



The way I understand it is that it works pretty similar to wireless networks. So if you have your router connected to one adapter and then then other two computers each connected to an adapter then it should all link up. But the overall bandwidth will be shared. I don't think there is anything like you described which has two lines in and creates two separate power line networks. I'm not even sure if you can have multiple power line networks in the same house but if they are similar to wi-fi then they could be put on to different channels so you could have two adapters connected to your router and one for each computer, but I'm not really sure if that would work or be worth it.

So I'm not 100% sure because I've never really messed around with them, but I think you can just add a third power line adapter and it will all link up. Or if the two computers are in the same room you can connect a switch to the adapter and connect both computers to that.