Multiple power supplies fried. Motherboard issue?

Hello all,

I have a rather odd problem with my power supply recently. Or rather, multiple power supplies. Initially, I had bought a corsair ax1200 to power my setup. Within 2 weeks the power supply popped and died immediately. The motherboard lights were still on, but the system did not power on. The power supply passed the paperclip test, but after sending the power supply to the local memory express, they confirmed that it failed nearly every psu test they had. Luckily for me, I had their in store warranty plan and they gave me a new one. The new one lasted 5 days before it died the exact same way.

Thinking that it was an power outlet issue, I bought a new surge protector and replaced my ax1200 with an ax1200i because I was told by the employee that the i series had better voltage smoothing technologies implemented. Sure enough, same issue and I'm sitting here with another busted power supply.

The new surge protector's indicator led has stayed green and has not indicated any issues. This leads me to think that I have a faulty motherboard and somehow, the motherboard has been frying my power supplies. 

The part list of my rig can be found on my profile

I have read about some motherboards frying power supplies, but it's not very common. The only other cause might be my watercooling somehow affecting my power supply, but that seems even less likely than the motherboard (I was very careful with leak testing). I already have an rma ticket from Asus for my motherboard and I can get it rma'd at any time.

Does anyone have any clue as to how my power supplies are dying or have any suggestions on how to fix this issue?

Sounds like a short to me, one of your MOSFETs might be fried and shorting the power supply

That board has really high rated mosefts so I doubt it, but I think after that many failed power supplies its worth a shot.

99% sure its your motherboard mate. Boot it off before it kills your other components.

Obviously if water got inside the psu that would kill it too but since you state you were careful with the leak test (and chances are your psu is facing fan down) then it shouldnt be the issue.


Thanks for the help guys. Will probably buy a new board and RMA this one. There's a good chance that there will be an Asus crosshair v formula for sale on this forum very soon. 

I don't mean to insult your intelligence, but have you made sure that you have the motherboard installed properly? If there is a standoff in the wrong place or a different piece of metal creating a short, it could be causing your problems.

try one more time. 3rd times the charlizard.

Everything is installed properly. I will check for metal, but I highly doubt anything is wrong with the build.