Multiple monitor issue with display port

I have done some digging and am trying to figure out if there is a solution in windows 10. Basically when using display port on my primary monitor and hdmi to my second, when I turn off the primary monitor windows will see it as if I unplugged it and will move all windows to the second monitor. It only seems to effect dp, hdmi/dvi are fine. I am going to be upgrading my monitor here soon to a 144hz 1440p panel and it will require display port for the higher refresh rate.

I found a few articles online dealing with it but not really much out there except it is another wonderful “feature” Microsoft has included.

If anyone knows of a work around or if it is just going to be what it is. I tend to have a lot of windows open between 2 monitors(soon to be 3 once I get the new one) so having to rearrange everything constantly is rather irritating.

Unfortunately Windows re-calibrates itself each time it detects a change in the displays by putting its head up its own ass.

The only suggestion I can think of is to either:

  1. Turn off your second monitor first.

  2. Make your second monitor your ‘primary display’ in display settings. Hopefully when you do this, it won’t move things around anymore.

Kind of what I thought. One more reason to use linux full time now. Thanks for that though.