Multiple issues with PC

So, I built my first computer, I don't have a GPU but my CPU has integrated graphics.

The place I bought it from (retail) put Win 7 in my HDD.

I can't run the PC if I choose normal mode, it keeps crashing.

I can't connect to the interwebz. It keeps telling me theres a problem with the PCI and the ethernet port.

I need help.

let me get this straight you can only boot into safe mode and while you're in safe mode you cannot ues the net

Yes, it gives me blue screen  if i boot normal mode.

ok, go to

post in the bsod section, and i'll be along to help ya.

attatch to the post a zip of all the files from c:/windows/minidump

Can you not just boot into "Safe Mode with Networking" from the list where you choose Safe Mode? If it doesn't crash in Safe Mode then it's more than likely a driver issue. Just go to Device Manager in Safe Mode and enable/disable one driver at a time then boot normally to isolate which driver is causing the issue. Start with the more probable drivers like chipset/NIC/sound drivers.

i directed him to a specialized tech help forum, I  got help from them before on a bsod issue, and they are very knowledgable and patient, and they give very simple, clear instructions. I will get him started there.



You could always try to repair windows from the windows install disk/usb drive. If that doesn't work, and you don't have anything important on your computer it may be easiest to reinstall windows.



it's probably a 3rd-party driver misbehaving, I need to look at the crash dumps to see which one


Hi ! did you check in the mobo bios, what the settings are ? many mobos have specified display preference upon booting.
same thing for net chip, it could have specifics to configure. Some mobo s have a system that check the state of the network connection upon booting.


PS sounds like problems I had with some rigs with built-in graphics.

Thanks everyone!
maxcat, you reminded me of this thread. I forgot about it until you responded.
The problem was that, since it was my first ever build, I didn't even INSTALL any driver at all!
I did a new OS install, because my instincts said so, then I installed the drivers that came with all my discs. Then again, I was 16 years old and never followed what Commissar said IIRC. But that was almost 3 years ago. Now I am quite capable around computers, I even work in IT, lol.

I guess I've been much more of a lurker than an active user. I always ask for help, then kinda do my own thing.


better late than never. Cheers :-)
asking questions is the best learning process I know.
and than solving it yourself; never better served but by ourselves. (just a thought)