Multiple folders in userdata in steam folder?

Ok, So I found out I had multiple users logged into my computer once, well I assumed they are users that had logged into my computer. I had to admit I clicked on a wrong steam executable once, it was on the desktop and later it was picked up as a virus! Very convincing considering most people don't' check if the steam icon is an excutable or an icon link.

One of the 3 extra account is my dota 2 smurf back when I was getting DDOS/Hacked during dota 2 games. I think I was getting like just pure cold shutdown, like electricity blackout. I assumed I've oc'ed too much or the NB or vrms are getting too hot etc.. It was coupled with DDOS so I couldn't point a finger. Neverless I lost like 900 points in MMR in dota 2. Really made me not play the game again which is really stupid.

Anyways what do you guys know about this? The steam folders are, "76760"0 and "22030". Which I used steam ID finder to find out they are these accounts,


Anyways what you guys think? Am I over-reacting? Do steam leave extra folders in,"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata" ? The folders are empty but the date accessed and modified looks unmodified.



If you had a trojan horse that had a Desktop Executable component that posed as a Steam .ink, then there must have been an initial attack that placed the executable there. It may have been cleaned up by your AV, but maybe not. The number one thing to do is go through and verify you have no infection on your PC.

After you have fully cleaned out your computer and verified that there are no programs calling out, completely uninstall Steam. Then change all of your credentials, for Steam, Windows, and your other online resources such as banks or credit cards. I don't know if you are overreacting, it sounds more like you are reacting to the wrong thing. Secure your identity and your credentials, and then reinstall your games. As far as the multiple folders in the userdata folder goes; I really don't know, but wiping it all and reinstalling after cleaning out your PC and changing your Steam credentials through a browser will solve the problem either way.