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Multiple drives to wipe

can you shred for reuse (the data, not physically put them in a shredder) more than one drive at a time?

Shred? As in destryoing it before recycling?

Sorry, no, completely(ish) delete all content. basically overwrites entire disk with mumbo jumbo to make old data hard to impossible to recover.

Should be able to wipe as many drives as you have interfaces for. Use the appropriate multitasking method such as & under Linux.


wendell did a video on this

also if you need to destroy the drives after, 10 or so ton press is pretty effective at quickly destroying the platters, as is a angle grinder/chop saw with ones of these

Just take a wire wheel to the surface probably would be better then cutting them.

yea but then you have to open them. grinder will go through the casing like butter

eh i open all of mine, as its all personal, if it was for work I would just hire a drive shredding machine or degausser

Try DBAN. I think it has a batch mode

Edit, yep, batch mode


i use dban exclusively it uses the Mersene twister as a wiping agent and overwrites the drive a total of 36 times.
any drive that is wiped with it is considered forensically sterile.

Another vote for DBAN - set it up to boot off a USB stick and you’ve got 6/8/10 SATA interfaces to wipe drives in one go.

At work I have an old X99 machine that has 10 chipset SATAs for exactly this reason.

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This is where drive encryption (luks/cryptsetup, bitlocker/device encryption, file vault,…) , comes in handy - even if you just print out the key, or email it to yourself. You don’t have to erase a drive.

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I picked up a few used drives so just wanted to make sure they were as clean as possible.

meh, I wouldn’t worry to much, I’d just zap any partitions with fdisk --wipe /dev/sdx and if I really had nothing better to do than wait for days for a full overwrite to complete, I’d run tmux and this inside dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdx bs=8M status=progress. One pane for each drive.

I’m not sure what would be the Windows equivalents.

Just install windows Me on it… It will corrupt itself quite happily.

Dban is my personal favorite (and many others it seems) Just write with 0’s anything else is just overkill.

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