Multiplayer Gaming on Linux

hey guys, :D

i Played some instagib railgun in OpenArena and after getting my ass kicked because i suck at railguning, i ragequitted and im now looking for some multiplayer and/or online games.

what are you guys playing?

i have a very slow internet connection so i have to choose carefully wich games i download.

im currently looking at: "Entropy" has anyone tried that one out? it looks very promising.

You're basically going into a cake shop asking for whatever which has sugar in it. 

Please specify what you're looking for.

Currently i play dayz epoch, dayz standalone and cs:go as well as some Hearthstone, 


Linux support, slow connection = red eclipse

i found a great list of multiplatform/multiplayer games.

the problem is not finding the games, its finding the games that are actively played by gamers so i can actually play them with people.

im looking for everything except Moba and round based Strategy.

man, this world needs more space shooters :D