Multiplatform FPS?

Anyone know of any first person shooters on PC and Xbox that can be played together? My friend said if I can prove to him that a mouse and keyboard can beat a controller he will switch from 360 to PC so I need a game that we can both play, or possibly a game that supports LAN multiplayer and an Xbox controller on PC, either works. Just a game where he can use an Xbox controller (I got a Razer Onza tournament edition for Steam Big Picture, so that would work if a game for PC you know of supports it) and I can own him with a mouse and keyboard. Graphically the game absolutely doesn't have to be impressive, he already agreed that Skyrim and Far Cry 3 hands down looked better on my PC, so I don't need to compete for graphics anymore, now it's just down to the controller.

(Btw, he thinks the Wii U is a "cool console" that's "bringing gaming to whole new levels"...... Seriously, he NEEDS this. He actually got in an argument with me saying any CPU better than the 3 GHz tri core processor in the Wii U is "unnecessary" and "nothing but overkill" and buying the FX 8350 and dual GTX 660 Ti's for my PC was a stupid decision. And yeah, dual 660 Ti's are overkill for sure but they make me feel good. And thats all that matters.)

Shadowrun for 360 and windows live lets PC and 360 players play with eachother.. Counter strike global offensive supports controllers and does LAN, you will kick his ass using a mouse and keyboard!