Multimedia streaming devices

A couple years ago my boss had bought for me an Apple TV 2, it has worked great for me with most content i have on my computer. However I have several video files I have encoded in a large file format 1.5GB+ and they have a hard time streaming. The computer and the Apple TV are hard wired to the router, the only thing I could think of that may be causing a slow down is the router is not gigabit ethernet, but even when i was using a gigabit router it did it. Are there other devices that handle watching your content better?

No one streams to their TV or are they all bad?

There are plenty of options out there.  

Roku 3


Android streaming sticks

Raspberry Pi

Custom built HTPC

I just bought and setup a Celeron powered Intel NUC, which I then installed Openelec on. After I setup NFS streaming from my Windows PC, it's been great.