Multi-Protocol KVM?

I’m just curious. Since your KVMs are built with standardized boards/layers for each supported “display”, would it be possible to mix DisplayPort and HDMI in the same KVM? For example, a triple display, four computer kvm with two DP and one HDMI for each computer?
I’m about to pull the trigger on a KVM, and I was looking at the dual monitor 4 computer DP 1.4 KVM. Unfortunately many laptops and other devices often provide dedicated HDMI ports and while you can often get DP out of laptops too, or convert HDMI to DisplayPort with an active adapter for other devices (eg a raspberry pi), it would be preferable to just have native support for HDMI on at least one display.
Why not just get the shiny new HDMI 2.1 KVMs then? Well I could, and it’s certainly easier to adapt DisplayPort to HDMI as this can be done passively. My main issue with that is my two monitors (Asus VG27AQ) only support GSync over DisplayPort, and my RTX 3060 Ti usually only manages odd framerates like 75fps in games, so GSync is especially important for a smooth experience.


Unfortunately, that is not something we can just customize. Wendell is always researching and developing the KVMs, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he figured out something to that effect in the future, but as of now that’s not a possibility.

I suspected that was the case. I decided to go with the HDMI 2.1 KVM as the (hopefully) more future proof option. I’ll just have to rely on my monitor’s auto-input switching to use Displayport for Gsync.