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Multi-PC Configuration


So my wife’s new machine is online and running well, but we’re having some configuration issues. She’s currently using a USB switch to flip her keyboard and mouse between her two machines, but that’s pretty unintuitive.

The goal is to have everything related to streaming (Audio Mixing, Video Capture, Encoding, Voice Chat, Twitch Chat) going to the old PC. The new PC is just for the game, maybe looking up a few web pages.

Is there an alternative to synergy that’ll allow one to have non-continuous monitors? For example, this is the configuration she wants:

And the other issue is, she runs mumble on her streaming PC where her microphone is connected, is there a way to pass a push-to-talk key from the gaming machine to the server without having to switch control?

The best ideas I have is to live with the usb switch for normal actions, and then buy a 10-key pad or one of the cheap streamdeck knock-offs for the PTT.

Any ideas are appreciated.


I feel like linus advertised for something like this a few times, is two keyboards/mice out of the question?

foot petal hooked to streaming machine?


I know it’s not what you’re asking, but the Corsair 1000D can house 2 computers inside. Up to an EATX as the main computer and an mitx as the secondary. Great for gaming and having the secondary board do the capture/streaming.


Yeah, Synergy won’t let you do non-continuous displays (server-client-server-client) Continuous (server-server-client-client) works great, though I’ve had issues where you’ll be playing a game and the other machine will grab the mouse and leave you spinning in circles.

It’s not, but it is a last resort.

Yeah, ive definitely looked at it a few times, but we already have both full ATX systems setup and running. A define R5 and a R6 do definitely take up a lot of space.


to my knowledge there is nothing available that would let you mix in the displays like that. Synergy is the most robust and reliable option currently available. I’d recommend trying out old synergy if you’ve only tried synergy 2. it allows you to do hotkeys to switch back and forth which is generally faster than a usb switch.

I do support your idea of using a seperate numpad and binding stuff to it as a ghetto stream deck. I do something very similar.


There’s a key you can press (I think it’s scroll lock) to lock the mouse on the “current system” You could try that.


yes scroll lock fixes that issue but you also want to make sure to enable relative input in your synergy settings too. which means you have to use synergy 1. afaik that hasn’t been fixed in 2 yet.


Synergy 2 is really shit. I dunno what they were thinking releasing it.

I mean, FFS, when I tried it, a while back, they didn’t have support to remove a computer from the config! How do you release a product without full CRUD support on your core data type?


I’m gonna give the key press switching in Synergy a shot and see if I can come up with a way to tie it into the keyboard’s game macro keys. I wasn’t aware it could do that, all I’ve ever used is edge detection, so that’s a good starting point.

The foot pedal idea for PTT is also a really good idea. I know she sits cross legged in her chair, so im not sure which will be best, but 2 solutions is better than 0.


maybe just remote desktop the 22 inch client.
you can do some network key pressing magic, but i think you’ll have to get your hands dirty and code some solution, depending on the scenario.


logitech made one a few years back that we used for the linked systems at work and they do work but not very well in an industrial environment (they were prone to static damage)