Multi-network web-based print server

I have a project that has been sitting on my to-do list at work, let me explain.

We currently have 5 different networks, 3 split by a pfsense box (tech bench), 2 split by a cisco appliance (domain and guest)

Currently, our network printers are only on the domain network, but we would like to be able to print to them via the secured bench networks for screenshots, etc. Realize that these networks are specifically designed for very badly infected machines, one of them without internet access at all. And we need to be able to print from these machines, to the domain printers.

Here's my thought - a web-based (local web page) print server which will direct print jobs to the selected network printer (4 printers in total). I don't want the printers themselves to be routed from the secure networks to the domain network, but I am comfortable routing a web page.

Question is - is there a linux project out there that can do this?


How do you propose to route a job from a local piece of software to a web based print page? I'm not sure it's possible, but you could obviously forward the CUPS ports from a print server onto the networks you want to print from through pfsense. I doubt there are threats associated with the opening of one standard port for printing, you can even do layer 7 filtering and inspect each packet going over the open port and anything suss, just drop.

the original thought was a web-based thing where we upload png files, then the only thing I'd have to route would be the webpage itself (the nas is set up similarly, just an nginx page that auto-indexes an nfs share, that way we don't have to route smb). Most of the stuff we are going to be printing are screenshots anyway.

I don't want to have to install a network printer on to each of the bench machines, since none of them are going to be there permanently, only for the time being while they are being worked on by the assigned tech, which is why a web page solution seems ideal.

I hope that made any sense at all...

Sounds like a fun challenge, maybe register the printer with a print server such as CUPS and enable cloud print from Google?

There is a web based file server that might help in this case. I don't think it's a perfect solution to your problem, but it's a free download and maybe a place to start.


There is also a domain controller. Claims to have "Includes a powerful web interface for configuring Samba and printing services". I'll let you be the judge on that one.

I could get a turnkey or owncloud server up on the nas and just have cups auto spool anything in that directory. That could be a possibility.

Sounds like a plan. Worth a go.

CUPS Print Server all the way